Vogue's Best Hot Yoga Studios by City


Hot Spot Dupont was listed as the best hot yoga studio in Washington, D.C. by Vogue magazine. Read an excerpt of the article below, and then come join us for class!

In the past few years, hot yoga, which is known to have originated out of Bikram yoga—a 90-minute technique from India comprised of 26 postures and two breathing exercises that requires studio temperatures to hit a whopping 105 degrees Fahrenheit—has become a somewhat mainstream workout, and for good reason. Like all forms of yoga, it builds flexibility, improves mental acuity and metabolism, and betters lymphatic circulation. The heat works, then, as an extra pump to all these benefits, allowing for a deeper practice that stimulates blood flow to muscles when performed regularly, gently coaxing out stiffness. Plus, it also boosts muscle tone, eases back pain, and serves as a sauna-like experience for skin, which reacts to raised temperatures by unclogging pores and releasing toxins.

For those looking to try hot yoga for the first time or reboot a spring workout after months of unseasonably cold temperatures, a guide below for the best options across the nation.

Hotspot Dupont
This Dupont Circle–based studio calls itself an oasis from the rest of the bustling city, and not only for its traditional teachings of asana. Thanks to a cutting-edge air-purification system that clears airborne pollutants and smells, students are able to improve their practice through better breathing. Because truly, there is nothing worse than a bad-smelling hot yoga studio.