Channel the Power of the Eclipse with These 5 Simple Yoga Poses

Carolan Hoffman of Hot Spot Dupont was featured on The Wander Life to demonstrate yoga poses to to help us channel the power and beauty of the eclipse.

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This Monday, August 21st, what is being hailed as the Great American Solar Eclipse will darken skies from coast to coast, stretching diagonally across the country from Oregon to South Carolina as the sun, moon and Earth all align in perfect unison. Those in this “path of totality” will be privy to the unforgettable experience that is a total eclipse of the sun, while those living outside the path will still be able to witness an impressive partial eclipse. This is the first time a total solar eclipse has been visible at all in the continental United States since 1979, and 99 years since one stretched coast to coast in 1918.

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