Our History

Since January 1, 2002, we have provided Washington, DC with the best possible environment for healing and growth.  In 2017, we changed our name (formerly Bikram Yoga Dupont). 

We offer 60 minute and 90 minute heated yoga classes. Our staff is committed to supporting every student in being joyful and fulfilled. 

In 2016, we upgraded our heating system and installed a cutting-edge air purification system: the finest technology available, to make sure that the environment is always right.  It is all about the yoga.

Who We Are

Hot Spot Dupont is an oasis in the wild world of modern day life.

People come here to: heal, detox, lose weight, become stronger,  happier, more fit, to prepare for life or to recover from life. 

Our clients arrive in any state of health and fitness and are transformed in the heat of the yoga room. Our staff is generous, compassionate, tenacious and loves the work we do. We are a thriving, vibrant, friendly and growing community.